Surveillance CCTV FAQ

Avoid those vendors with any of the following traits : - they do not list they office address in their web site - they only have a mobile number for contact - ridiculously low price in their advertisement, with small prints like cabling limited to 5m, ceiling height less than 2.7m, 1 time free service, etc - no credentials of any work done - their sales people will say "yes" or "can do" to all your requirement (even if you say you want to monitor your home cctv from the moon) There are many hit & run "wannabe" wireman or someone who knows a little about IT, who are advertising in the Internet selling cheap CCTV. Always do a google search on the vendor's name for user comments on their services and products. They may be cheap, but at the same time, they are also providing "cheap" or ZERO after sales service. We have seen too many of such cases of people who have been duped, ending up having to spend extra to change to a reliable working system. If you are looking for a reliable CCTV system that works, call One Stop Office Solution today for a discussion on your CCTV surveillance needs.
There are many types of CCTV & surveillance solutions available in the market. Consumers have more choices now, though most users will probably be confused as to which to choose from. Always ask yourself what do you hope to achieve with your CCTV system. Is it to catch someone red-handed in the act? If that is your purpose, then you should go for the spy camera solutions, either standalone type DIY (Do-it-yourself) spy camera products or the wired CCTV system with DVR and various types of spy cameras such like spy camera hidden inside a motion sensor, smoke detector spy camera, water sprinkler casing with a spy camera, a spy camera hidden inside a wall clock or wall picture. If your purpose of getting a CCTV system is to warn or deter would-be intruders or potential culprits from committing an act (e.g. the maid abusing your child), then you should go for the wired type of CCTV system with suitable types of cameras (indoor or outdoor, IR or non-IR in order to see in the dark) wired to a DVR with sufficient hard disk space. Based on your requirement, profile, and budget, One Stop Office Solution will give advise you professionally and recommend the most appropriate surveillance solution that will meet your needs. Call One Stop Office Solution today for a discussion on your CCTV surveillance needs.
Think of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) as a VCR that can display live video footages from multiple camera sources simultaneously and record them on a hard disk. Unlike VCR, there is no cassettes or tapes to change. You can search & review any recorded surveillance video based on date, time, camera, alarm events, etc. You can playback video from single or multiple cameras simultaneously. For our DVR, you can also playback the recording while the recording is still on-going. You can also view the video live over the Internet on your PC or phone.
The DVR uses the hard disk as the recording media. The length of recording for any DVR depends on many factors, including hard disk size, recording frame rates, recording picture size, number of cameras, picture quality and compression algorithms used. No changing of tape is necessary as DVR can be set to overwriting mode to overwrite older video in the hard disk when the hard disk is full. Just let us know how long you need to store the recording before being overwritten, and we will size the DVR hard disk for you.
Broadly speaking, surveillance systems can be categorized as standalone type or networked type. For the standalone type of surveillance system, recording is done on a standalone DVR and playback is via a TV. For the networked type of surveillance system, our DVR has network capabilities that allow remote monitoring over the Internet on Windows PC, Apple Mac, your iPhone / iPad or Android phone. For hassle free all-in-one CCTV without need for drilling & hacking walls, take a look at our MemoCam or Memoclock.
Yes, if you only want to record 1-2 hours and has only 1 camera; and you do not mind the low quality of the recorded video. Will I recommend this type of solution to my client ? NO, as normal VCR is not meant for this kind of purpose. Even time-lapsed VCR (a kind of VCR which can record long hours) is not recommended as the price of DVR has dropped significantly over the years and offers significant features which are lacking in time-lapsed VCR. A lot of our clients are engaging us to replace their old time-lapsed VCR with DVR for their surveillance systems.
With a broadband subscription and our surveillance solution, you can monitor live video over the Internet. PS: note that if you happen to work in an office where there is strict firewall policy (eg. Financial Institutions, MNC), such viewing over Internet solution will not work for you because most of the port access will be blocked by your company firewall for security reasons. *** Of course if you are the boss of the company or if you have control over this company firewall (normally controlled by your company IT dept), then you will be able to overcome this problem by instructing your IT folks to open up the required ports for viewing of your DVR over the Internet. Alternative solution is to subscribe to 3G or 4G on your iPhone / iPad or Android phone so that you can view the cameras live from your phone. Call us today to see how One Stop Office Solution surveillance solution enables live surveillance monitoring over the Internet. If you cannot view the cameras over the Internet from your office due to the above reasons (and you do not want to subscribe to the mobile on broadband), then only solution for you is to go for a after event viewing, ie. view the recorded video only when you are at home. You can either choose a wired CCTV system (with DVR) or the Memocam solutions from us.
Most network-enabled surveillance works on Internet Explorer that supports ActiveX. As of this writing, Mac does not support ActiveX. Fortunately, our DVR solution can enable Mac users to monitor live video remotely over the Internet. Call us today to find out more about our surveillance solution that can support Mac users.
All types of broadband subscription plan will work, though we will strongly recommend our clients to opt for unlimited access plan. As video streaming takes up a large bandwidth, it will make more economical sense to go for unlimited broadband plan.
The investment required depends entirely on the types of camera, DVR, and installation site. We offer systems ranging from entry level solutions suitable for home to high end solutions for high security & industrial applications. Call One Stop Office Solution today for a free CCTV surveillance consultation. If you do not require live viewing over Internet, take a look at MemoCam, our wireless spycam.
The answer to this question will be : - if the surveillance system is to safe guard your loved ones (eg. your young children), how much is the safety & well-being of your children worth to you? - if the surveillance system is for monitoring of domestic helper / employee, how much is the potential problem caused worth to you if they did something which they are not supposed to do while you are away? - if the surveillance system is to safe guard your property & valuables, how much are these worth to you? Click here to see some news regarding maids as reported in newspaper. Call One Stop Office Solution today for a free consultation for your CCTV surveillance needs.
All our clients pay us a one-time only fees for providing a high quality surveillance system that meets their needs. All our surveillance system comes with 12 month warranty. There is no monthly charges involved. After the initial 12 months, the client can choose our comprehensive maintenance package which will cover labour cost for the next 12 months if the system requires servicing (hardware replacement chargeable).
For reliability and security, I will strong recommend the wired type of CCTV system. This is especially so if you require viewing of the cameras over the Internet. If you have false ceiling, our technicians are well-trained to do the cabling above the false ceiling to hide it, so that the installation is neat & clean. If you are looking for something that is small that does not require wiring, portable & wireless, Memocam is your answer. Click here to find out more about the Memocam products. Call One Stop Office Solution today to find out more about our wireless surveillance system.
We offer all types of cameras, eg. outdoor IR weatherproof cameras, indoor dome cameras, Pan-Tilt Zoom, wireless spy cameras, etc. We have various premiere brands of cameras from the entry level type to the high end cameras from Japan & USA. Call One Stop Office Solution today with your surveillance needs so that we can make an appropriate camera recommendation.
Sorry to hear that. Fortunately, One Stop Office Solution has just the right Anti-Car vandal surveillance solution for you to catch the vandal in action, even in low lighting conditions. We provide both the miniature camera, mini-DVR unit and installation. No drilling in your car. Call One Stop Office Solution today to solve your car vandalism problem, or find out more about the Anti-Car vandal surveillance solution from One Stop Office Solution.

Door Access System FAQ

There are many methods of controlling access to a door, namely, from the very basic of having a physical lock, pin code access, proximity card based access to biometric fingerprint access control. Each method has its pros & cons.
Yes. From the access control point of view, the EM lock accessories, method of mounting the magnetic armature and the electro-magnetic lock (EM Lock) are different. Typically installation of a access control system on a glass door is more expensive than on a wooden door.
Yes. The type of EM lock used is different for single and double leaf door.
The pin code type of door access system is the most economical. However, it has the lowest security since the button pad for the pin number may wear out after sometime (as compared to non-pin button pad), giving the would-be intruders very clear hints on what pin number was used.
The biometric door access system is the most secured among all the other methods mentioned earlier. Since biometric characteristics (like fingerprint) are unique to each individual, it will be very hard to fool the system into mistaking you for someone else. However, for fingerprint biometric access control system, there are cases where a particular user's fingers are too wet, too dry, fingerprint grove too fine or shallow to be registered into the system. If all fingers of that user cannot be registered, then he will have to be given either access card or pin code for access the door. Typically such incidents happened to 2 - 3% of the population.
EM lock uses power to keep the door secured. When power is cut-off (eg. during a power trip), the door access system's backup battery will keep the door system running for 2 to 4 hours. When the battery is flat and the electrical main power is not back to normal yet, a fail-safe EM will basically unlock. Anyone inside the office will be able to leave the office. For a fail-secure EM lock, once the battery is flat and the electrical main power is not back to normal yet, the fail-secure EM lock will stay locked. People inside the office must have access to another exit door. For safety reason, fail-safe EM locks are more commonly used and less expensive than fail-secure locks.
Even if you have a door access system installed, you should complement it with security alarm, and CCTV system for total security. Most of the time, the door access control is meant for ease of controlling access to different doors within the organization during office hours. You can contact One Stop Office Solution for a total security solution.
Yes, you certainly can with One Stop Office Solution integrated access control solutions. For highly secured area, you can use the biometric fingerprint system for door access. For normal areas or areas where users' fingers can get dirty or greasy, you can issue these workers with card access system. For temporary workers, you can issue them pin code numbers that are valid for a certain period of time only.

Security Alarm FAQ

The system consists of a main control panel & key pads. Based on the layout & usage pattern of the client, we will suggest location & type of sensors to install. Sensors include magnetic contacts for doors & windows, motion sensors, etc. When the system is armed and if there is an intrusion, the system will sound an the siren & the strobe light will go off. The system will dial up to the pre-programmed telephone number to alert the client of the intrusion detection.
With One Stop Office Solution security alarm system, the client can "Away Arm" - no one is supposed to be in the office or home "Stay Arm" - only perimeter sensors are armed, people are staying inside the house or office "Partial Arm" - only the pre-defined zones are armed
Like how the saying goes : "you get what you pay for". There are low end alarm systems which are really not usable. These low end systems are either not reliable (we are talking about security alarm system here) OR it has very poor user interface and usability. All our alarm systems are from reliable & reputable brands, backup with 12 month hardware warranty & service. Contact One Stop Office Solution today for your security alarm requirement.
First, be prepared to pay more for a reliable system. You do not want a cheap unreliable system that always give you false alarm, which will make you the most "unpopular" household in your neighborhood. Second, decide on a wired or wireless system. Be prepared to pay more for the wireless system, and also the price of battery replacement every 8-12 months depending on usage pattern. For wired system, be prepared for exposed surface wire conduit. Hidden or buried cabling will be expensive, and is only suitable during the renovation or built-up phase of a house / office.