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What are digital door locks?

Digital locks are locks that do not requires keys to unlock. Instead, it uses keypads, smart cards or biometrics for easy access.

Benefits of having Digital Door Lock

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Know more about Digital Door Lock

Why you should choose our digital door lock

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Indoor Semi Automatic Doorlock

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We not only create fingerprint door locks, but also create a more intimate life, carefully handle every detail, and committed to providing every customer with exquisite service. Your comfortable experience is the driving force that keeps us going.

Dual unlock mode

Mode Switching Button:switch between channel mode and locking mode.

 For frequent entry or peak hours, enter the channel mode to keep the door unlocked.

 For privacy and security protection, go into lock mode to keep the lock locked for verification.

 Always unlocked/Always locked. Switch as you like.

Double emergency protection

Green rechargeable energy, can be unlocked by fingerprint after connecting USB.

Metal structure keyhole. When the power is off, the door can be opened with a mechanical key.

For your better experience, please check if the key can be unlocked smoothly after installation.

Note: Please keep the key in the car or office for emergency needs.

Voice guided programming

Add users: press the options button with a pin and verify any registered fingers (no need for the first time), then add a new user.

Delete users: use a pin to hold the options button for 5 seconds, then all users will be deleted.

Specific operations can be programmed according to voice commands or user manuals.

Silica gel pad

Soft silicone pads protect your door from damage and enhance the experience.

Adjustable Single Latch

Adjustable latch suits for back plate with 60mm (2-3/8″) or 70mm (2-3/4″).Easy swipe to adjust.

Application Scenarios

It is suitable for family, apartment, office, etc.

In order to make the products serve you for a long time, if there is no rain screen outside, indoor use is recommended.

If your finger is very wet, rub it dry before unlocking it, which helps protect the sensitivity of fingerprint recognition for a long time.

Specifications of Keyless Entry Fingerprint Door Lock