HD CCTV Camera Surveillance Solutions

I-SHOP.SG is the reliable Singapore CCTV system specialist that clients trust to provide reliable HD CCTV surveillance solutions for 24-hrs surveillance on their retail outlets, factories, offices and homes, through the Internet if necessary.

OS Compatibility

i-shop.sg viewing on Windows & Mac OS
Our DVR system supports HD CCTV viewing over the Internet on Windows PC*Apple Mac machine (Snow Leopard OS version 10.6 or above), iPhoneiPadAndroid Phone.

*Mac desktop machine supported on selected model only

Mobile Compatibility
I-SHOP.SG DVR supports viewing on ipad, iphone, android, blackberry devices

Reliable HD CCTV Surveillance Technologies that WORK!

DVR OSD Menu On Screen Display DVR Viewing & Control through the browser DVR Viewing & Control through the DVR CMS Software DVR user interface; ideal for chain stores, retail, offices, warehouses

CCTV on your iPhone
CCTV on your iPad
CCTV on your Android phone
CCTV for Apple Mac
CCTV for Windows PC
Viewing from iPhone, iPad, Android phone , Windows PC and Apple Mac

Benefits of CCTV Surveillance

Besides live HD CCTV surveillance monitoring, the video can also be recorded digitally for easy storage and viewing purpose. The monitoring can be done simultaneously for multiple sites on a single computer screen.

Users can log in to the DVR via the Internet to see / hear exactly what the CCTV cameras see / hear from any part of the world.  Users can also be alerted if there is any unusual movement in the vicinity monitored by the HD CCTV surveillance cameras.